Gluten free, Dairy Free (GFCF) Cooking Instruction Jean Duane, Alternative Cook

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Jean Duane, Alternative Cook discusses the cooking instruction she offers in this video.

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  1. Lassionbabe

    0:56 : DANCING? TUX!! lalalalalalala….
    Anyway, thanks 🙂

  2. whatrosebud

    that? looked amazing! amazing! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM

  3. sprice676

    LMAO “No gluuuten, no daaairy, no cholesterol…la la la? la la.”

  4. Mocatan2000

    I went to your webste to see where I can find the dvd. I didnt see it???? Oh? and thanks for the milk and egg substitution. I am trying the milk this morning!!

  5. PrincessKait1

    A DVD series on cooking GFCF….. that’s a good idea!?

  6. Linksonic5

    ohhh? ya ok @_@

  7. LunarHigh

    Most people are allergic from gluten in wheat, while you are not entirely incorrect, true gluten, with gliadin and glutenin, is limited to certain members of the? grass family (like wheat). The stored proteins of corn and rice are sometimes called glutens, but their proteins differ importantly from wheat gluten by lacking glutenin.

  8. Linksonic5

    i? hope she knows corn is gluten…

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