Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free (GFCF) Info from Alternative Cook

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Jean Duane, Alternative Cook shares some interesting gluten-free, dairy-free facts you should know if you suspect you are gluten and or dairy intolerant

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  1. ApacheBoneknife

    Meat, fish, vegetables, tubers, occasional fruit, and some nuts. I don’t do well with grains or legumes, so I usually avoid these. You can buy potato flour? for recipes. Other than that I like to avoid processed food and sugar, which is really something everybody should do.

  2. lovemyselfforever86

    hi, what do you eat on? a typical day? because i have many intolerance s too

  3. ApacheBoneknife

    I’m sensetive to eggs, gluten, casein, and yeast. Plus, I have candida. There? is so little I can eat.

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