Gluten-Free Food Reimbursement Process

Posted on Gluten-Free Food Reimbursement process for those with a medical diagnosis and or prescription for gluten-free food. If you have a flexible spending account and want to get paid back for the cost difference in gluten free foods this video is for you. Do you just want a deduction for tax purposes? Share this in a celiac forum or gluten forum. Celiac Celiac we can do this.

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  1. GFREEKcom

    So sorry to hear about your issues…maybe there are some options in the? health care arena

  2. amyyoungsemail

    Great for people who actually pay taxes, but what is a mother? of two kids, on SSDI and all three of us celiac supposed to do?! You may think, so what I don’t pay taxes, but I get no break on how much our food costs! And I don’t qualify for food stamps and anyway food stamps aren’t accepted at stores where I need to shop for GF food.

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