Gluten-Free Foods For Health

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Nutritionist Emma Buckley talks to Harry Smith about Celiac disease and the array of gluten-free foods for good health.

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  1. buggiez101

    i’ve been on? it for 13 weeks! and it has done so much for me! I may be pre-diabetic and that is scary.. it’s helped my IBS and there is stuff out there that you eat and it is gluten free.. Like snack packs… a week wont do it…. i’ve lost weight! i love it!

  2. soccerchika77

    i have decided to go gluten free for a week and? see how i feel i have been really dizzy latley and i want to see if that will make a difference

  3. bmister50

    I just ate some hummus and noticed it tasted abnormally shitty for some reason and then I looked on the package and it said gluten free so I fed it to my? dog on some bread.

  4. bmister50

    Hopefully this fad dies out like the Atkins diet did…People that can’t eat gluten are by all means justified but the other 70% of people that follow this nonsense are fad diet? follower idiots!… Now I can’t buy some of my favorite foods that were once full of gluten all the sudden to please the fad followers they became gluten free and taste like shit.

  5. nufizzle4

    this bitch is on crack!! UNLESS!! you are told by a doctor to cut down on gluten, by all means do it. but if you are just another trendy, hippie, jumping on the band wagon, listen to indie music, wanna be activist, annoying shit heads by all means do it!! you? will not be missed. you want a real diet plan?? don’t buy the poison they fee you in super markets. grow your own food, raise your own chickens. FUCK NO TO GMO.

  6. DenverGuy11111

    Another stupid? fad.

  7. DenverGuy11111

    It affects less than 1% of the population. ? For everyone else it’s a fad.

  8. misstigerlily93

    it isn’t a fad when? it really affects you.

  9. pink89berry

    she is a nutritionist not a dietitian?

  10. 2012soulshine

    They might be gluten? free but not free from MSG and other poisonous stuffs!

  11. firoz027

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  12. fahimsss91

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  13. thekrekc1

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  14. FrugalandLazyCook

    Good? information!

  15. ZoeEternalLife

    Is there a list of all foods and companys out on the that table in this video??

  16. MRSSCARE14

    @bytor356 agreed!!!!!!!?

  17. porkinmycorkhole

    2 billion? americans? lol

  18. Iherbdotcomfan

    You can get healthy gluten free? snacks/foods @ for cheaper than reg retail. Use the code:EDA443 to get $5 off your order:)?

  19. SnazzyArcade

    Celiac disease is a genetic disorder, not an allergy,? and an autoimmune disease.

  20. kneadbe

    So great, every year Gluten-Free options are getting better. We can’t wait to carry the best!? visit for more info.

  21. SOUTHPAW731

    its a fucking LIE all of a sudden evryone is allergic to gluten how bout some truth its the fucking pesticides and the growth manipulation of? the plants such as corn and barley etc.. its the shit they do to the plant itself and the shit they do during the manufacturing process of the flour ,breads and other goods its a scam to cover their ass’s

  22. 000rjl

    Thank God for that “Explosion” of “gluten? free” products! rjl at glutenfreaks dark speck net.

  23. TaylorWmh

    Why? are you waiting here online Russian woman

  24. FrugalandLazyCook

    I really like Emma… There are so many alternatives even since this video was uploaded. You can really love the food you eat and save money by cooking? at home. Visit our channel to see more options.

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