Gluten Free Frozen Pizza Product Review – Against the Grain Gourmet Pizza

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The other day I had a busy day and decided to stop by Hannafords and get a Frozen Gluten Free Pizza for dinner. I had heard great review about Against The Grain Gourmet Pizza. I picked up the Three Cheese Blend and added Pepperoni. I cooked mine on a Pizza Stone. It was very good! I love to bake but its always nice to something quick to grab and bake in the oven when your short on time. I will definitely be buying another one of these Gluten Free Pizzas. I like that they support local farmers and use fresh local ingredients. Here is what their website says: We are a celiac-owned family business. Like you, we have to navigate our way through the maze of specialty and mainstream gluten free products, some excellent, some not so good, some we trust implicitly, some that have given us reason to doubt them. We make all of our products ourselves in a dedicated gluten free facility, with all new equipment, that we built from the ground up. Everyday, we eat what we make. You won’t find higher quality gluten-free bread than ours, from the cleanliness of the label, to the integrity of our ingredients, to the passionate care of our employees who are paid excellent wages and are provided with health insurance, paid sick and personal days,as well as paid holidays and two weeks of vacation. We strongly believe in supporting our local economy and family farms. We buy all of our ingredients, supplies and services locally whenever possible and don’t cut

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  1. NaturesFairy

    You will like it !!? 🙂

  2. sweetcatmagick

    Thank you. I’ll look? for one around here.

  3. NaturesFairy

    You are so very sweet? hun!! THANK U!! Ya I love my homemade one too! LOL!! HUGS and ANgel and Momma Blessings!

  4. NaturesFairy

    I got mine a a local store,, not sure where you live,, its called Ocean State Job Lot,, but I think you can find them at any Kitchen Store,, like Bed Bath and Beyond,,it makes a WORLD of? diofference with GF crust! You have to make sure the stone is pre-heated a good 25-30 minutes! I am so happy I got one!! 😉 Thanks for watching!

  5. TheAmethystbutterfly

    That pizza looks great BUT not as good as your? homemade ones :o) Love to you friend x

  6. sweetcatmagick

    I’ve never heard of a pizza stone before this. Where? do you find them? Thank you for sharing. Looks yummy.

  7. NaturesFairy

    I? never used a pizza stone until I went GF… and the CRUST was so soggy and limp and YUCKY!! So I got the stone and it made a world of difference,,, PRIOR to GF,,, I cooked my pizza on a regular pizza pan. SO it was a good investment!!

  8. NaturesFairy

    YAY PIZZA!!? LOL!!

  9. beccawitch

    I want to get a pizza stone! That looks really? good too!!

  10. NaturesFairy

    I was very happy that? is tasted so good! 😉

  11. alwatear

    looks good?

  12. NaturesFairy

    I agree 100% Anna because GF can be soggy and the stone makes a world? of difference! I had tried another GF Frozen Pizza and it was awful. This one was really good! YAY!!

  13. NaturesFairy

    🙂 I would if I could!!? LOL!!

  14. EZGlutenFree

    It looks delectable. I think the pizza stone really helps the crust texture.?

  15. mastermind

    send? me one….lol

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