Gluten Intolerance Is Killing You but Your Doctor Won’t Find It

Posted on Gluten Intolerance increases your risk of dying from the #1, #2, and #3 leading causes of death. Awareness needs to increase. Learn more from a doctor and author.

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  1. TheTekaranlady

    @inamatus, Some doctors really do become horribly offended when a patient dares research at all. I actually had one tell? me he didn’t want his patients reading anything concerning their issue or medications! I think it might be worse here in the South, because the whole family gets in on it. I’ve been called a hypochondriac time and again because I don’t just blindly do as I’m told and pop pills and dared go looking for information. My husband has been being treated for IBS for five years now w

  2. aviataf

    At the age of 60 I diagnosed myself as Gluten sensitive, my? Medical Doctor did not help me. Once I stopped consuming gluten my health improved! The internet was my source of information
    Thank you for your clear explanations and talks.

  3. Vikki Petersen

    I completely? agree with you Laurie. It will take a community by community effort. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist and please feel free to utilize any of my materials to help with education.

    All the best,
    Dr Vikki

  4. laurieintexas2012

    I am trying to create more awareness in? the Houston area. If we each target our communities, and work with others who are aware or becoming aware, maybe we can get more traditional gp’s to listen!

  5. jose carlos

    muy? bonita

  6. maggiejen100

    However I fear one downside. Like me I suspect peole are far less likely to get their information from books now and I? found that the books written by people who had experienced gluten and dairy sensitivity were so interesting and informative to read cover to cover. Now we get our info in tiny grabs of information and comments on that. Overall though I think the internet is spreading knowledge much further and faster than ever before. Well no one would disagree with that.

  7. maggiejen100

    What a great well? presented video. Keep up the good work. Facebook and the internet are geat places to share information, and it is so much easier to find other people who share our concerns about gluten sensitivity.

  8. TheIAMINU

    On the specific banquet scene on? the Fiano Romano relief, one of the torchbearers points a caduceus towards the base of an altar, where flames appear to spring up.

  9. awaken69

    how tightly is this number (10-30% are GS) correlated with the known genetic? disposition for GS? is is 1:1? some docs say, the genetic test is most reliable in excluding or including GS for a person, independently of any immune markers or antibodies. what’s your opinion and experience on this in your daily practice? no genetic disposition – no worries (wrt to the AI part of GS)? thanks!

  10. mohsinuk2000

    Anyway, he didnt seem interested at all in going down the gluten/celiac route he? just wanted to drug me for my bloating and other symptoms eg. brain fog and headaches.

  11. mohsinuk2000

    Dear Dr Petersen,

    I went to my doctor today and told him about my gluten related symptoms eg. bloating. He instantly said ‘ok ill give you something for bloating’, and i said that i would rather find out why i am getting bloated. I mentioned i find that when i eat bread i get these symptoms and he said he wanted to do a? fungal test before going down the gluten route.

    I purposely asked him ‘are there any drugs for gluten intolerance’ and he said no just cutting gluten out the diet.

  12. EsotericWisdom33

    Thanks for your great videos! I wonder what is the best way to actually detect gluten sensitivity, Are the IgG ELISA blood type assay tests a good way to detect gluten sensitivity? I have been suffering for many years from IBS, fatigue and inability to relax and I wonder what I can do to figure if? it is gluten that is causing this.

  13. mohsinuk2000

    You look so well?

  14. Inamatus

    With so much medical info available online; people are taking more responsibilty to research their ailments when the medical profession fails them. Many? doctors immediately go on the defensive when a patient dares to think for themself. Sometimes they have reason to be sceptical, but I think this modern world of free-thinking, questioning patients is what will inevitably force them to change their approach. Professionals like yourself, giving information so generously online are a real catalyst.

  15. RubberWilbur

    Big money is made on a continuous basis by people staying sick and just treating the symptoms and not the cause. That? is why you never hear a corporations, drug companies, or even politicians (who are paid off by lobbyist) talk about it. Come to think about it chiropractics treats the cause and not the symptoms and that is why we hear you guys talk about such issues.

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