Gluten-sensitivity or Celiac: Gluten Is Everywhere!

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Even if you dont have a gluten intolerance, you might want to avoid the stuff. But gluten is everywhere! Gluten is the protein found inside the endosperm (thats the plant tissue) of grains like wheat, oats, rye, barley, and triticale. Dr. Igor Schwartzman explains. Learn more at

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  1. InsidersHealthTV

    It can’t be easy when you’re having digestive issues and no definite diagnosis can be made. How can you really know if it’s a gluten rejection or celiac disease, especially if the doctor is unsure? We’ve covered this on our channel as well in anyone is interested. Have a great day, everyone!?

  2. 5tonyvvvv

    People are to stubborn and ignorant to follow it, I lost 40LB and? feel great Gluten and dairy is poison anyway! but thats like going against apple pie and baseball. people look at you like your? insane! and doctors and big Pharma want us sick!!

  3. 180was

    going to a gluten free diet has made me free of all those symptoms. I feel younger, and this without medication. Also, being lactose intolerant, has me? really careful about what i eat. But it’s worth it.

  4. blondecrazygaijin

    1. include links in each of your vids to your OTHER vids 2. ask a compelling and very specific question at the? end of your vids –viewers will comment, thereby boosting your google search score, later enhancing viewership. “What is your % estimate regarding the goodness of perky boobs….?” OK i’m teasing, but u get the picture.

  5. DrSchwartzman

    @dartrinton, yes, I do recommend that you minimize gluten in any person’s food choices. It may not be an issue at this point in time, but over long-term it may present? itself as an aggravating factor.

  6. dartrinton

    Would you reccomend eliminating Gluten from ones diet if you do not have a Sensivity to Gluten? I personally have never had any of? the more minor symptoms (I barely get sick, nor do i suffer from sleeplessness, etc).

  7. DrSchwartzman

    Thank you for sharing your? story. I am glad that you are on a much better track.

  8. SaxmanNateEarthsong

    Yeah? i often used to throw up at night, stomach pains, attention problems, allergies, bleeding lower intestine. They told me to eat more wheat and grains and my intestines nearly shut down. I couldn’t even sit down it so much. I would pass out into my food in my teens when i would eat spaghetti. When i stopped eating gluten, all of the symptoms stopped and return only when i accidently ingest it.

  9. DrSchwartzman

    Absolutely, it can aggravate the? skin.

  10. DrSchwartzman

    I would certainly recommend being completely gluten-free. Yes, tofu is gluten-free, unless it is covered in sauces that have gluten? in them.

  11. LSecret

    I’ve got your common immune disease symptoms and was thinking about going gluten free. But after going aroud my kitchen, I’ve realized how hard it would actually be. Would it be alright to simply reduce my intakes (for example being French, I tend to? eat a lot of bread. That I can stop) but eliminating soy sauce and others condiments like that is too much to ask.
    I dun know… Do I have to go 100% gluten free or??

  12. LSecret

    Wait! isn’t tofu? gluten free

  13. qdubbs

    First thanks so much for posting this video.? Now I hope you dont mind-and I mean no offense so Please excuse me, but you are the most stunningly handsome doctor i have ever seen. had to say that. Good day Doc!

  14. DrSchwartzman

    You are absolutely correct, there are numerous issues that may come? up as a result of the gluten-sensitivity. In this video, I only gave a few examples.

  15. gypsykatcher30

    what about gluten sensitivity causing skin? problems? You didnt mention that.

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