how to cook gluten-free pasta

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You may have eaten some gluten-free pasta that was mushy or like cardboard. Maybe you longed for gluten pasta instead. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be eating great pasta soon. (Video edited by the brilliant team at Smith Bites Photography:

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  1. jeanelane

    I think you shouldn’t add it to your bowl if the bowl is all sauce, like spaghetti. That is just my hunch. I’m inclined to drain most of the water from the pot and just let it sit in? the pot for those 5 minutes.

  2. jeanelane

    I’m willing to try this, even tho my Tinkyada pasta says to cook for 16-17 minutes and at high altitude I have to cook 1 or 2 minutes longer. ? I’ll try with a very small amount of pasta. But I won’t put it with sauce. The dish shown was veggies, not spaghetti sauce. I’m game for trying something new.

  3. harpchat

    “use enough salt to make the water taste like the ocean”. Um….well, what if you’ve never tasted the ocean? Albeit colorful, those kinds of vague descriptions make it very difficult for the home cook? to follow.

  4. qgkitten

    That was? laughable.

  5. John Baldwin

    OK…I’m sorry to say I tried this method and it just didn’t work for me. I had never heard it before but thought I would try it. It ended up overcooked and the sauce was too watery. Not good at all. I will stick with my old tried and true method which always? has good results.

  6. zatoth13

    At least you earned your check from Jovial! This video is apparently for people who don’t know boxed pasta? has directions.

  7. mpca66

    Excellent .. but you must show us the whole dish .. it looks yummy ..? !!!!

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