How to Make Gluten Free Bread

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A bread recipe option for those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Ingredients: Almond butter (I’m using tahini as a substitute) Eggs Gluten free flour (ex: almond flour/rice flour) Arrowroot powder sea salt stevia/sugar baking soda flax meal

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  1. BygPhattyPlus

    Ah, so that’s why people always have sour faces? when eating something gluten-free, ha ha!

  2. Linda Lam

    You don’t need tahini. Tahini will make your bread bitter. BUT if you don’t have a electric mixer to mix the almond butter to smooth, then tahini is easier to get that smooth consistency. So almond butter will definitely taste better.? But please remember this is a “health” bread so it wont taste good. It’s for people who are avoiding gluten

  3. Linda Lam

    Haha I suppose that means you like? my videos. Thanks

  4. Linda Lam

    Yes it tastes much drier and denser. Just because? it’s “healthy” bread. It’s not a bread you want to make for taste purposes but for health

  5. Stephaniebobo

    i think i have different to find almond butter, tahini and arrowroot powder? here.

  6. Stephaniebobo

    my neck grown so long to have your video here? again. thanks.

  7. BygPhattyPlus

    Looks interesting. ? Does it taste any different?

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