How to make gluten-free brownies and cake with Betty Crocker

Posted on Betty Crocker and show you how to make two new, delicious and gluten free recipes using the new line of gluten free dessert mixes.

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  1. zoeybatterup152

    when laruie said wwill you do it besides? me liv was thinking hell no Bitch!

  2. polopaloling

    im? eating one right now

  3. Yogscastbiggestfan10

    they used a? spoonula

  4. tinyredzebras

    its like they are racin to? the bowl to get the mix in the pan first……TURMOIL

  5. ClaireTheElephant

    OOOOHHHH!!!! They don’t sell that in the UK 🙁 Im gonna go to America just to buy that :)?

  6. divinemediocrity

    … at 2:42 Liv slings a bit of chocolate cake batter onto the outside of the pan… it’s so nice to be? reminded that even TV bakers are only human ^_^

  7. jadegirl3331

    in case you havent noticed i posted that a year ago and also when i was in a particularly bad mood. im not going to learn a lesson if you reply to? a post i posted when i was eleven.

  8. ClaireTheElephant

    SHUT UP! Do you know how hard it is for celiacs to eat nice food. IMPOSSIBLE! Gluten free flour is disgusting. its dry and yucky. and the fact that one of the? most biggest baking companies have made gluten free mixes. well thats amazing. this video is not aimed at ungrateful, mean vile pigs like u

  9. ClaireTheElephant

    hahah i know right. and? its liv 🙂

  10. ClaireTheElephant

    OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I have coeliac which means i cant have gluten. and its impossible to make cakes taste nice with gluten freeee! and now onme of the biggest baking? companies have made gluten free cake mixes!!!! THANKS 🙂

  11. julialutongli

    I love all the recipes, it always makes me hungry!?

  12. Adeline4508Line

    BattyCrocket is deliciious u want to eat her ??????

  13. Arrowhead729

    Wow, nice spelling…?

  14. famousx

    my computer froze Laurie? at :20 .. epic lmao

  15. Mariyah Strange

    1:28 Laurie: Good? I got the last!
    2:48 Liv pushes Laurie’s hand away.
    These two obviously hate each other. xD

  16. iLookLikeaVampire

    I always? get the last bit of cookie dough.

  17. 420Nancee

    wat if they r sisters & you? guys are talking shit about liv & laurie hatting each other o; lolol

  18. 155happygirl

    i love it best of? both worlds

  19. HerMajestyTheLlama

    Liv and Laurie looked like? they were moderately friendly for a while…

  20. werefriends1

    did anyone notice that the baker gave the woman the ugly marble? cake

  21. LAVQ1028

    Did u noticed them trying to fight over the last? bit of cookie dough in the bowl!

  22. Mimix3Insomniac

    dude i just? noticed that them two look alike!! D:

  23. kitty697189501

    I? want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. TheRubyrosie

    its betty crocker no batty? crocket

  25. machinegunjockeyhits

    its betty crocker?

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