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Gluten Free Restaurants


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  1. Kev McGuinness

    My Girlfriend has jsut been diagnosed with Ceoliacs disease (yes it is actually a disease, it is medically defined as a disease and as we both know its not contageous like you mentioned on your website, i will continue to refer to it as such)

    As a result of which she is getting very depressed with not knowing which foods she can and cant eat. Aswell as feeling down about the foods she can no longer have.

    Id like to know how i can get hold of this App so that i may take her out for meals and show her she doesnt have to be depressed about it and that its manageable.

  2. debra

    hi i wood like to see more meals out there for gluten free is there a gluten free gravy

    • Jo Gillett

      There are in the UK – my favourite is the AWT gluten-free instant gravy that’s available in the Free-From aisle at Sainsburys.

  3. Aps

    Hi, So I’ve been waiting on this “glutown” app since December of 2011. Is it being released in the U.S. or was that just disinfo. that I took as valid?

    Thanks and good work (for where you are operational).

    • luganoa

      Hi, Sorry for the delay. We have had the app on beta testing for a while but apple upgraded their iOS in the middle of our test so we had to start again. 2 weeks ago we were contacted by a potential sponsor and negotiations are delaying the release date yet again. Its costing a small fortune to develop the app and give it away free so any leads to a sponsor we have to investigate. I’m sure you understand. Eventually it will be released in the US and the UK at the same time. It will be worth the wait. Kate Grant.

      • Aps

        Ah okay. I’m sure you are doing your due diligence.

        FYI: have you tried approaching or at least investigating the source behind the following twitter feeds?:

        Gluten Free Passport – @GFPassport
        Gluten Free Works! – @Glutenfreeworks
        Huffington Post – @HuffingtonPost
        Jamie Oliver – @jamieoliver

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