Michael Pollan’s View of Gluten Intolerance – Fact of Fiction?

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www.healthnowmedical.com Why some gluten-free foods on the market aren’t real food and how you can stay healthy. Learn more from a doctor & author.

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  1. goblinbros

    Good list. Lustig’s “Sugar the Bitter Truth” is on YouTube and a? must-watch.

  2. goblinbros

    Yeah, I? went to the gluten free stores when I was first diagnosed years ago, but noticed most of the g-free goodies were even higher calorie than their wheat-using counterparts. Also, they didn’t taste all that great (not many packaged breads and cookies do regardless), so these days I just have sweets once in a while and get something good from Wheatless in Seattle, a gluten-free (lots of other allergens free too) bakery in Seattle.

  3. DrCharlesParker

    Good points, love Michael Pollan, and to just connect briefly with your observations… the real reason some of the bloom is off the rose with Gluten Intolerance is that we, in our offices, see so much, dramatically so much more? casein intolerance on our regular testing.

  4. Grant Goode

    Fact or Fiction??

  5. awaken69

    ah, almost forgot: please check out all the AWESOME presentaions of leaders in nutrition and evoutionary biology? like robert lustig, staffan lindeberg, robb wolf, nora gedgaudas, gary taubes, chris masterjohn, mark sisson, loren cordain, etc! mindblowing stuff: ancestryfoundation. org

  6. awaken69

    agree wih you 80%, but you’re still missing a clear framework to put all? your great knowledge and experience into proper perspective, which would be evolutionary biology – i.e. the paleo diet. check out robb wolfs work on the “auto-immune protocol” of the paleo diet and the rest of his work (any many others like mark sisson, paul jaminet, etc). also, it IS possible and quite easy to buy organic and *grassfed* meat in the US. preferably so directly from the farmer.

  7. Lori Ann

    Great info? as always ,tks so much !

  8. blondecrazygaijin

    good video.?

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