My Life in Food with Jennifer Esposito

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Visit for more. Take a journey with actress, Jennifer Esposito, as she explains what it is like to have Celiac Disease. See how she has chosen to fight back with baked goods full of love & healthy ingredients that are gluten free!

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  1. sarcee1960

    I love her? dogs.

  2. Angel Morales

    I own the? 2 seasons of Samantha Who?, still watching it and love your acting and Andrea´s character, you make me laugh and smile lots Jennifer and cannot believe your brilliant performance on the show came out while you were going such dificult time… hope a can give u back something!!! Love u heaps from México!!!!

  3. Carolina DePaulis

    I know the feeling!!! Happy tears over here! I just wish I could ask restaurants to make special menus for me, too haha. At least I’ve got one that? double checks ingredients for me. That’s a start!

  4. songster99

    Great video! I’m glad you were finally diagnosed so you could start to feel good again. It’s awesome that you are healing now! Your dogs made me smile, sitting politely behind that little gate. I have a Jack Russell Terrier who would have jumped over that gate a dozen times in this short video 😉 Thanks – Ricky? 🙂

  5. 509g1

    I wanna make love to u because ur so beautiful. U looked really hot in the film taxi :P. ur fighting ur way through the celiac disease ur? eating so many healthy foods and ur in great shape and u look sexy everyday Jennifer 🙂 x

  6. areyuwithme

    I feel so sorry for her. I hear she’s leaving the TV show ” Blue Bloods in Nov. ’12. Going to miss seeing her in the show. She and Danny make a great team. I truly? wish her the best with her illness.

  7. longhairedass

    She’s? still the most beautiful woman ever to walk the planet!

  8. Isabelle Mosca

    Thanks so? much for showing us that we can do this!

  9. MethaneMcGuiness

    So sad. Seeing her eating alone. I’m going to? call her.

  10. despinagali

    It’s? like I was listening to myself speak, I went through the same exact things that she did before I found out what was wrong with me.

  11. diplomaticpractice

    Excellent video. Jennifer Esposito will do very well with this venture. She? is passionate and sincere about celiac disease

  12. SMGMania

    i love? her so much!

  13. CharmaineSade

    Doggy? wink at 7:24 =)

  14. miro11912

    she looks so pretty? and sexy!!!!!

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