The IBS Low-Starch Diet

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Medically proven, this low starch, gluten-free diet can relieve symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), ankylosing spondylitis & Arthritis. Visit

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  1. goodfoodhealth

    I think it’s important to remember, that your choice in protein source has a lot to do with grain consumption. ? If you eat animals that are fed grains, weather organic or not, you are still eating starch. Switch to only grass fed animals and you may experience the relief your body is craving. My body reacts eggs, chicken, pork and grass fed beef that are fed grains the last 3 months of their life to fatten them up. So, I stick to 100% grass fed beef and wild caught seafood. Good Luck!

  2. sunflowerGirl1977

    Same as my husband, he doesnt have the gene (HLA B27) and he is in so much pain. Now he has? IBS. Do you take painkillers?

  3. OllieTorres

    I couldn’t fit it all in one post!please read from the? bottom up! thank you 🙂

  4. OllieTorres

    After? long periods on the diet, I begin to feel week and as I still eperience pain, there have been 2 or 3 times within the 3 years where I started to consume starch again… The strangest thing happens when I do this… I get 2 – 3 days of complete remission before the symptoms kick back in again and in some cases get worse…

    So confused and at times desperate. I feel unwell and really want to get my life back..

    Do you have any advice as I have tried everything…

    Thank you so much


  5. OllieTorres

    Hi Carol –

    I have your book and AS? 🙁 I am 27 now and was diagnosed when I was 21 – have the gene and all the nasty symptoms too

    I have been consistently on the NO starch diet for around three years with varying strictness. I have done periods of up to three months where I iodine tested everything I ate… I can safely say diet is definitely related, but in my case it does not eliminate my symptoms and at times I still get long lasting and painful flare ups…

  6. Carter Felder

    The American diet IS low starch…?

  7. daybates

    Your info is so true I have put? mine in total remission and has caused me to do further research in the foods we are designed to eat as humans … You will be shocked that most of the food guide lines we get from the government is wrong for many reasons , do the research your self (good calories bad calories by Gary taubes)..(the primal blue print by mark Sisson ) humans are not designed to eat grains ,starch,

  8. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds like a good learning video for gluten free diet options. Please subscibe to my channel for more? links to this subject.

  9. maciejwrotek

    You go Girl :)?

  10. FPR666

    making money off cripples, what a sick old fuck you are . look at you reading your lines? you havent got a fuckin clue what your on about

  11. infernostr

    I have AS and I read this book. A lot good information and theory. I just want to say no starch diet does not work for everyone. In my case, I didn’t feel any difference. I think besides no starch diet it has to do with your diet, your health condition,? and your living style. Anyway, good luck to everyone here.

  12. lllstetellelll

    Sorry about my english, I’m not speka very well,? sorry

  13. lllstetellelll

    This diet works for who are negative to HLA B27? Please, answer me.? I’m negative and I have to much pain. I’m 20. =(

  14. Andreas748

    does this work well for rheumatoid arthritis too? or is this mostly for AS. What about dairy? I love yogurt, milk and seem to tolerate it well. I see bananas are not recommended. They do tend to sooth the? gut though. I already do low-carb, but still eat dairy, bananas and get 70-80 carbs per day. I hate to give them up, but will try and see what happens

  15. taltito1969

    HI Im 42 yrs Iwas dianosed with AS 22 yrs ago back in those days doctors new very little about it, now my spine is fuse all the way to the neck, I am still working as a truck driver, I am in pain 24 hrs, thank you so much for the information I am ordering the book now, I cut the starch for 4 day now and? my hips are almost 80% pain free, thank you.

  16. Carol Gowin

    Wonderful Video. I absolutely have to get this book. I have been dianosed with Fibromyalgia, but who knows it could be this AS instead because I suffer with bloating terribly. It seems to be well worth? a try.

  17. lowstarchdiet

    Hi, jetstar0101, I’m so glad to hear my book changed your life. Keep on with the diet and don’t worry if sometimes you eat the wrong food you can always control your symptoms by going back on the diet. Knowing how to control the pain is so great. ? Wishing you all the best, Carol Sinclair

  18. jetstar0101

    this book changed my life of AS? pain to a life worth living. best thing ive ever done was to read this book.


    Best video? ever!!!

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