Tips for Shopping for Gluten-Free Food

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Shopping for gluten-free foods? This health video from provides tips on where to go, what to look for and how to make sure that a food is definitely gluten-free. Shop for Whole Foods on a Gluten-Free Diet Now the good news is that all grocery stores carry gluten-free food, and it’s merely the selection and amount of specialty gluten-free products that may vary .So my first tip, which is applies to all grocery stores, is to concentrate on buying whole foods that are naturally gluten-free. For example fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, poultry, meat and fish do not contain any gluten when they’re unprocessed, so you can always buy these items knowing that they’re safe. Avoid Processed Foods My next tip, which goes hand-in-hand with this one, is to avoid processed food. The more processed a food is, the greater the chance it contains gluten, because gluten is often used as a protein or a thickening or stabilizing agent. Now if you’re determined to buy processed food like bread, waffles, or salad dressing, my next tip is to look for labels that say gluten-free. This is the best and safest way to ensure that a product contains no gluten. Some grocery stores go so far as to put labels on the shelves so it’s easier for customers to find these gluten-free products. Ask for Help to Find Gluten-Free Food Which brings me to my fourth tip, don’t be afraid to ask for help from store clerks. Many of them are knowledgeable about gluten-free products, and if a store doesn’t carry

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