Vegan stRAWberry Cheesecake – Organic & Gluten-free

Posted on Marta makes a delicious vegan strawberry cheesecake (recipe inspired by Jae Steele – “Ripe From Around Here”. To check out the past episode we did with Jae, click here Recipe for the “Cheese” Cake: Crust: – 1 cup Raw Pecans – 1 cup Walnuts – ¼ tsp Ground Sea Salt Blend in a food processor to a “crumb-like” consistency – Add ¼ cup Dates (pits removed). You may want to soak dates in water for 10-20 minutes to make for easier blending. Blend until it becomes a sticky mixture. Press the mixture into your baking dish (7″ x 11″) until smooth on top. Set aside. “Cheese” Layer: – Soak 2 cups RAW (not Roasted) Cashews in water overnight (or at least 4 hours) – Rinse cashews and pulse in a clean food processor until they are in tiny pieces To the mixture add: – 2 Tbsp Water – 1 tsp Vanilla Extract – 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice (add more for “Lemon Cheesecake”) – 1/3 cup favourite liquid sweetener (coconut nectar) Blend until smooth. Melt ½ cup coconut oil at low temperature and pour the liquid into food processor while it’s blending. Immediately spread mixture evenly on top of crust. Place pan in freezer for 30 minutes. Fruit Layer: – 2 cups Strawberries – 3 Tbsp Liquid Sweetener (Coconut Nectar) Blend Mixture in Food Processor until smooth. Pour mixture on top of “cheese” layer, and spread evenly. Let it set: – in fridge for 4 hours OR – in freezer 1-2 hours, then transfer to fridge for 2 hours Serve cold but not frozen.

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  1. Jing Situ

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  2. vallendior

    strawberries… no? contest.

  3. oo7splanet

    ok i didnt see that in the video but ur descriprion is kleer? about soaking.

  4. oo7splanet

    @fitfortwotv u should soak ur nuts for 12 hours make them creamier and makes the? enyzmes digeatible for us

  5. fitfortwotv

    No, it has never melted or collapsed as we were eating? it. Holds together great! Marta

  6. pinko125

    Hi. Would this cheesecake melts? as I am eating it? I have tried some of the vegan cheesecakes but it didn’t bind the cheese part and it melted and “collapsed” as I was eating.

  7. EgoTripCrisis

    o.o *drools*
    I’m gonna make some of this with raspberry.
    It looks so good!?

  8. bluewalls88


  9. Meganchannel15

    You hold out your? S’s too long…but love the video!

  10. bruisedcrimsonfalls

    Most likely to add sweetness and bind the ground? nuts together

  11. Aqlor

    Looks nice!? maybe too sweet though for me

  12. OLeenev

    Can I use agarve or maple syrup instead? of coconut nectar?

  13. TheAndyLoraProgram

    That looks amazing! I’m going to try? this

  14. NasikaSakura

    Are you supposed to use a liquid measuring cup for the? nuts? o__o I always thought you were supposed to use solids measuring cups for that, though the subject was never aroused in my cooking classes.

  15. tittikka

    It looks? so delicious!I want to put my finger through the screen and taste it!!

  16. prisrod2

    and what? about de calories? 🙂

  17. SHILAV edri

    How? long can it stay in the refrigerator?

  18. Iveveo

    According to my knowledge, the dates are to make? it sweet without adding sugar.

  19. julide88

    But either he was or he wasn’t a meateater, he surely was a bizarre? person. Btw I live in Germany and we all grow up with his “biography” in school, so we never forget what happened that time. Nevertheless, there is always something new to “learn” about him. So thanks for your informations, too.

  20. julide88

    Oh, I read the exact opposite! That his companions made a big deal about his circumstances of health issues and used this to portray him as an ascetic animal loving person. In fact, I saw a picture of him eating Weißwurst (German sausage specialty) and also his cook mentioned that he prepared fish for him. Even his? doctor said (so I read) that he never really cut down eating meat completely, but loved to ruin the appetite of others while they were eating by telling stories about slaughterhouses.

  21. julide88

    Lol It’s Adolf and not Adolph and he? wasn’t a vegan. He wasn’t even a real vegetarian. He had some digestive problems so his doctor told him to cut down his meat consumption.

  22. honeybadger412

    I think they add sweetness and hold the crust together (because they’re sticky!) I’m not sure what you? could replace them with, but you probably can’t just omit them!

  23. jjbran635

    What is the purpose of the dates? Can I not add? them?

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