Gluten Free Pizza with Alice Bast

Posted on’s Alice Bast talks about Domino’s Pizza. For more information go to

SEAGULS SIGN (Splenic art and common hepatic art from celiac axis)

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by DR TAHIR A SIDDIQUI ( consultant sonologist ) Gujranwala. Pakistan.

celiac in situ

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anatomy of the celiac trunk in situ.

Diagnosing Celiac Disease: Recognizing Extra-Intestinal Symptoms – Part 3 of 7

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The overwhelming majority of people with Celiac Disease remain undiagnosed, and the average number of years between disease onset and diagnosis is 11 years. …

Raising Celiac Awareness

Posted on Alice Bast, President of the National Foundation for Celiace Awareness, talks about how and why the disease has gained more attent…

Celiac Talk Part 1

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UC Berkeley’s first class about food allergies and the restaurant industry. This is a clip from the lecture given about Celiac Disease and the gluten free di…

Healthy Food Choices for Celiac Disease

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Dieting tips for people with celiac disease. Learn how to adjust your diet to fit your specific health and nutrition needs in this video on grocery shopping.

Celiac Disease: First With Kids – Vermont Children’s Hospital, Fletcher Allen

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Dr. Lewis First provides tips on helping your child manage celiac disease–an allergy or intolerance to gluten. Dr. First is a pediatrician at Vermont Childr…

Celiac Plexus Injection for pain in chronic pancreatitis

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Dr. Michael Wallace demonstrates celiac plexus injection during endoscopic ultrasound for pain in chronic pancreatitis.

What is Celiac Disese & who has it–Part 1, Dr. Snyder

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Video from Dr. John Snyder, Chief of Gastroenterology Dept at Children’s Hospital in DC speaking about Celiac Disease Overview, definition, prevalence, etc. …