Beef Stroganoff – Gluten Free Recipe

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Beef Stroganoff is a classic Russian dish that can often be loaded with fat and calories. This version trims the fat by using a leaner cut of beef and replacing the sour cream that is typically used in the dish with low fat Greek yogurt. I’ve also added some peas which are not native to the dish. They add a contrasting brightness to the final plate and help make this one a more balanced skillet meal that the whole family will love. To print this recipe or for more of my gluten free recipes visit the EZGlutenFree blog at Ingredients list • 1 lb lean beef sliced into 1/4 inch pieces • 8 oz button mushrooms, sliced • 1 medium onion, sliced • 1 clove of garlic, minced • 1 cup of defrosted frozen peas • 2 cups beef stock or broth • ½ cup red wine • 1 tbsp olive oil • 1 tbsp butter • ½ cup of low fat Greek, plus more for garnishing if you want • 2 tbsp cornstarch • salt and pepper to taste For more free healthy beef recipes, cooking tips and tutorials go to For this recipe at Favediets go to

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  1. EZGlutenFree

    Brown rice would be awesome under this. And it would add? a little extra fiber to the plate as well. Great idea.

  2. AnotherAmateur

    Very nice. Brown rice might be a good bed to put the Stroganoff on. Using green peas adds nice color to this dish. ? Thanks for an inspiring recipe!

  3. EZGlutenFree

    Thank? you.

  4. EZGlutenFree

    Thanks Rich. Even the leftovers were good.?

  5. EZGlutenFree

    Thank you. ?

  6. AsianCookingmadeEasy

    Yum looks delicious? and a lot healthier! 🙂

  7. EZGlutenFree

    Thanks David.?

  8. EZGlutenFree

    I think the rice flour would work out perfectly. Or you might not even need any flour at all since the yogurt or sour cream at the end thickens the sauce nicely. I’m so jealous that you have deer meat. Let me know how it turns? out.

  9. MrEZCooking

    Bring it on Anne! I LOVE Beef Stroganoff! That looks? really good!

  10. Killreyes

    This is quite similar to the one I make for my Grandmother (the token coeliac of the family) and she says it’s the tastiest thing she’s ever? had. Great recipe!

  11. DPDeHart

    Now That Looks Great!
    and Tasty!? Well Done.

  12. annascraftytrends

    Yum! I think I will make a deer stroganoff 🙂 What could I use in the place of corn starch? I am allergic to corn and I want to know what you would use? (I was thinking rice flour)

  13. EZGlutenFree

    Thanks? Steve.

  14. stevescooking

    A nice healthy twist on? a beautiful Russian dish.

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