Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Identifying & Conquering Gluten Sensitivity

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Dr. Tom OBryan is a nationally recognized speaker specializing in Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease. He is a clinician par excellence in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine Perspective. Board Certified in Nutrition, he is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the National Chiropractic College. He holds Teaching Faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine and The National University of Life Sciences. Dr. OBryans passion is in teaching the epidemic manifestations of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease as they occur outside of the intestines.

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  1. TheGalwayfan

    There is no medically approved test to diagnose ‘non celiac gluten sensitivity’ Cyrex labs is just another online scam! Save your? money…avoid these online bogus tests!

  2. TheGalwayfan

    Dr Fasano has fallen for the money…just like the health now chiroquackers. He is now just as worthless as them! I have no use for him anymore. I get my info fro Dr Peter? Green!

  3. TheGalwayfan

    There is no test to diagnose non celiac gluten sensitivity. Save your money! Ask the celiac experts at the U of Chicago celiac center, or? Dr Fasano, or Dr Peter Green… Cyrex labs is another online scam…just the same as Enterolab…Wise up people!!!

  4. Pat O'Brien

    Attacking one’s credentials, rather than his argument is a well known logical fallacy. Back to the debate…..check out Cyrex labs. This is now capable of detecting non-celiac gluten sensitivity. If you know anything about science, you know that it is constantly revolving. What we know today to be absolute? truth can change tomorrow. Which is why you can never really accept anything as absolute truth in science. Such was gluten testing and Celiac. You can be non-celiac and gluten-sensitive.

  5. SharpenedsWord

    I feel the same way. I especially hate how gluten-free has become this weight loss, celebrity fad. No one takes celiacs seriously because of? this! 🙁

  6. TheGalwayfan

    Apparenty you haven’t studied Fasano’s research enough! HE is the one who proved NCGS’s don’t? have leaky guts! He say ncgs causes NO long term damage…it’s only the true celiac who is at risk for complications! Do your research!!!You only see what you want to see..not what it really says!

  7. TheGalwayfan

    I have a lot of compassion for someone who truly has celiac…I just cannot tolerate the Faux celiacs! They? turn my stomach..

  8. SharpenedsWord

    I forgot to tell you, if you’re interested, check out MD Dr. Alessio Fasano, the leading researcher of the Center of celiac disease research. He supports gluten sensitivity and leaky gut. There is also a fantastic? team of chiropractors who? have shared the stage with him called, ” Health now medical.” Chiropractors DO send their patients for blood tests, etc 🙂 Just research it.. you’ll find there’s more than you think

  9. SharpenedsWord

    yes, i realize CD must been rooted in genetics. This is true. It is also true that it takes an environmental trigger to set this off. Increased intestinal permeability can be caused by Fungal candida and NSAIDS prescribed by doctors. Leaky gut most certainly plays into how auto-immune disorders develop. That’s why celiac is usually the gateway to other auto-immune issues, unless you truly heal your intestines, you are open to more things your immune? system will see as an invader

  10. SharpenedsWord

    normally one? who has suffered so has more compassion, not less. What will you do with the pain you have endured? Will it make you more humble? I can imagine you would be frustrated but i would think you would be glad ppl are getting help. celiac testing isn’t the same as it was 25 years ago and this is right out of my MD’s mouth.
    Anyway, i’m not going to defend chiropractors on here. lol I know where my help has come from and i’m just glad to be getting well. Glad you are too!

  11. SharpenedsWord

    lastly, if you really want to help ppl, you will stop spouting off all this stuff about gluten sensitivity not being a real condition. It IS a real condition and you need to do your research instead of deterring people. Industrialized food has become a disaster to the human body. Ppl are destroying the delicate eco-system of their guts with antibiotics in? meds and food.

  12. SharpenedsWord

    we have a problem, don’t we? I no longer ask MD’s to? rescue me from such hardships. They are talented in many ways but diagnosing celiac isn’t one of them. Their education is funded by big pharma. If they can’t give you a pill for symptoms, there is no interest in supporting something like celiac, I’m afraid. Chiropractors go to root cause. celiac is genetic w/ environmental trigger. I have it in my family tree and was set off by antibiotic poisoning in the ER

  13. SharpenedsWord

    Again, blood tests and biopsy? aren’t foolproof. People place MD’s and even chiropractors in a god like position and stop listening to their own bodies!! If i’m having White mouth ulcers inside of lips, iritis, stabbing stomach pain, bloating, painful joints/muscles, tingling/numbness in hands/feet, diarrhea, anxiety, DH rash, chronic weight loss despite eating, foul/floating stool w undigested food, brittle hair/nails, gasping for air, infertility 5 yrs, etc

  14. SharpenedsWord

    I went back to my MD AFTER I received help from my chiropractor who is the only one who could even point me to a cause for my my suffering.My MD was so clueless about celiac, he didn’t believe at first. Until they did a blood test. I went to my MD for 10 years, suffering, with NO help. My sister has had worsening symptoms and we come to find from this same doctor that, ” oh, gee, sorry, the nurse practitioner didn’t tell you a year ago? You are positive for celiac” ?

  15. TheGalwayfan

    You can’t get CD unless you have the genes to develop it….leaky gut isn’t a medically recongized term…people with so called ncgs don’t even have any increased intestinal permeability… tTg can be positive with other autoimmune diseases..lots of healthy people have elevated igg…Biopsy and blood work are the gold standard for diagnosis…DH? needs to be proven with a biopsy too..it’s found with iga deposits in the skin…no chiropractor is qualified to do these tests!

  16. SharpenedsWord

    ummm it’s called a blood test, dermatitis herpetiformis as in celiac rash and the gluten challenge test.? Let’s get real, shall we? Most medicines given by MD’s cause leaky gut! What does leaky gut do? It triggers auto-immune disorders.

  17. TheGalwayfan

    You’re a total dumb ass….I take it you don’t really have celiac disease, but a chiropractor supported your self diagnosis! I bet? if your truly get sick, you’ll get your ass to an MD asap! Even a dumb ass like you cannot really believe the bullshit you just tried to sell me…

  18. SharpenedsWord

    Chiropractic Doctors have more schooling than Medical doctors, for your info 🙂 They treat root causes, not symptoms like Medical? dispensers ( MD’s)

  19. TheGalwayfan

    I’m aware people claim to have? non celiac health troubles caused by gluten…I just haven’t seen any real credible proof yet. If and when one of the larger celiac centers comes up with a viable marker for ncgs, then maybe I’ll accept the diagnosis of ncgs…but I don’t believe it really exists at this point in time. If it does, it isn’t serious like cd can be….

  20. Elene Murray

    We are talking about the scope of inflammatory issues caused by gluten, of which celiac is only one. I can understand that if your experience is with? celiac only, you might not be aware of the other diseases caused by or made worse by gluten.

  21. Elene Murray

    are you still beating this? dead horse?
    didn’t we already discuss this in the following thread?

  22. TheGalwayfan

    He’s a chiropractor? you dumbass!!!!

  23. Elene Murray

    Not sure what? your point is actually, but the fact is, gluten causes all kinds of inflammatory responses throughout the body other than celiac. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3292448/?tool=pubmed

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