Givin’ Up Gluten, Not Taste

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Going gluten free? Have no idea what to eat, or how to make what youre eating taste good? Come join Sylvie Ryan of the Boise Co-op Culinary Education Program tomorrow, March 3 at 6:30 pm at the Pottery Gourmet Kitchen for an evening of gourmet gluten free cooking! Learn ingredient substitutions, deprivation-free recipes, and ways to make living without a positive thing! In this Behind the Menu Backstage Pass, we catch Sylvie in the Boise Co-op test kitchen (located in an undisclosed bunker) as she preps for tomorrow’s class and shares a few of the gluten-free recipes she’ll be cooking up for you. For registration, please call the Boise Co-op at 472-4500, or visit the Customer Service Booth. Sign up early, as classes often sell out quickly. More info on the Co-op’s cooking classes is available at their website (

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