Gluten Intolerance + Dairy Products DON”T Do a Body Good!!!

Posted on In a recent study 50% of the participants with celiac disease reacted to cow’s milk the same way they reacted to gluten showing that diary products are likely not safe for those with gluten intolerance.Learn more from a doctor and author.

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  1. healthnowmedical

    Soy is highly GMO in this country and poses many allergic reactions. I’d prefer that you? try rice, almond or coconut for your milk alternatives. Hemp is also an option.

    Let me know how it goes!


    is soy milk fine Dr Viki??…i? just need a milky substance for making my protein shakes – hate them with just water…..

  3. healthnowmedical

    I don’t recommend the goat from any mammal, other than your mom when you’re a baby of? course. I think you can save your money and get your calcium from dark green veggies. To keep your weight up eat more good fat such as avocados, nuts, seeds and oils.

    Dr Vikki

  4. Andreas748

    what about goat milk? I seem to have no reactions from goat milk. Only problem is it’s very expensive and I have to drink alot of it to keep my weight? up…

  5. Herm445

    Wow! thank you! You are? amazing Dr. Vikki.

  6. deskofsquid

    thank you so much for this video?

  7. bi0best

    Excellent — looking? forward to it!

  8. healthnowmedical

    Thank you, that’s a great idea. Stay tuned – I’ll? try to get to that video next week.

    All the best,
    Dr Vikki

  9. schmohaus

    thank you for this video! i don’t do milk, but i’ve “cut back” on my cheese consumption… evidently not good enough (and this vid is proof!) because i get stomach pains and heartburn everytime i eat it. this is great? motivation to cut it out completely…explains so much! thanks again.

  10. bi0best

    You mention the issue with cow’s milk being its protein structure. Have you posted a list of foods whose principal proteins are structurally akin to the so-called “gluten” family of proteins? Would you suggest staying away from buckwheat — as you mention? it in kind with milk? A list or reference would be much appreciated! Many thnx.

  11. dolly42dd

    gluten and milk in? the system = Boom !!!

  12. healthnowmedical

    @Almondx3 – actually children have the enzymes to digest their own mother’s milk for the first few (2-5) years of life and after that those enzymes become mostly inactive. Therefore, if goat’s milk is close to? mother’s milk protein-wise, they could likely digest it. However, that ability is short-lived and that is why I don’t recommend consuming the milk of any mammal other than mother’s milk as an infant and young child.

    I hope that clears it up.

    Dr Vikki

  13. jlauralee

    Yeah. O.o There are other vids on youtube that explain it better, or the book ‘devil in the milk.’ I haven’t been able to read it, i? just watch the vids on youtube by underground wellness.

  14. maqsad1

    Oh wow I had no idea. I’ve seen gallons of milk from a company called “golden guernsey dairy” and now? I’m going to look into that a bit more to see if it really is better yayy. Never going to buy Deans milk again. I also need to check and see whether Oberweiss is Holstein or not xD

  15. jlauralee

    yeah also interesting is the difference between A1 and A2 cows. Brown cows such? as Jersey and Guernsea cows make healthier milk than the Holstein, which is the predominant cow in this country.

  16. shortypingi

    I really appreciate this video. 4 years ago I heard this exact same talk about dairy in an anthropology lecture. My professor suggested to drink? almond milk instead. Just for kicks, I tried it out, curious. A month later my stomach pain that I had since I was 9 years old had completely vanished. That was the day I discovered I was an undiagnosed lactose intolerant. Unfortunately, previously before the lecture, my doctor tried to diagnose my pain as heart burn. 🙁

  17. jlauralee

    I went completely dairy free for much more than? thirty days- a few months actually. The only noticeable difference I felt was not getting the inevitable gastric distress from pasteurized milk and yogurt. Drinking raw grassfed milk has made an incredible difference to how my stomach feels, although I resisted drinking it for a good while. 🙂 I find it very nourishing and soothing to my body.

  18. Cypressmyst

    I think it is high time we grown ups took the Government (OUR Government) by the ear and had a nice long chat with them? in a dark alley way.

  19. jlauralee

    I guess because the government basically cares more about? money and protecting industry than freedom of choice and health. 🙁

  20. Cypressmyst

    Very interesting indeed. Why? are healthy things illegal and poisonous things the basis of our food pyramid?

  21. healthnowmedical

    @jlauralee – I agree that raw grassfed milk is? much better than the typical supermarket fare. However, it’s still milk from another mammal and ultimately, therefore, likely not the best for human consumption.
    Try 30 days of no dairy products and see how you feel.
    Let me know.
    Dr Vikki

  22. jlauralee

    Yeah, when I drink pasteurized/homogenized milk, even tho it’s ‘organic’ it give me intestinal? spasms and loose stool. Not so with raw milk.

  23. maqsad1

    I wonder how the experiment? would have turned out if they also tried it out with goat milk which is known to be a lot less allergenic than cows milk to humans.

  24. Cypressmyst

    Yes it would be interesting to know what kind of? cow’s milk was used in this study. I’ve heard lots of folks say they can handle raw milk but not processed. I stay away from it all myself. Not worth the inflammatory cascade and flu-like symptoms. >_<

  25. jlauralee

    My personal experience although celiac/gluten intolerant has been that raw, grassfed milk has done me a world of good. It is very easy to digest. It makes? my stomach feel good, and since drinking it my toenails have started growing again. It seems to be one of the few things that my body is able to absorb right now.

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