How To Be Gluten Free; Hidden Gluten, What has Gluten In it? Nutrition & Wellness

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How To Be Gluten Free; Hidden Gluten, What has Gluten In it? Nutrition & Wellness Dr. Sherrie Kjar goes over what has gluten in it and what doesn’t. What has hidden gluten in it? What are some substitute foods that are gluten free? How can you tell if something has gluten in it or not? Find out that some cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste and other hygiene products and beauty products have gluten in them. Find out about gluten intolerance. Visits Dr. Sherrie Kjar’s Websites at; http This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Gluten free “gluten free” hidden gluten “hidden gluten” “how to be gluten free” How to “How to” intolerance “gluten intolerance” Sherrie Kjar psychetruth nutrition

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  1. angelbe88

    off gluten for several days? now to heal eczema. Skin already feels better

  2. PureTrimWeightLoss

    Stop being? awesome!

  3. John McCormack

    Thank you.?

  4. Emad Nekooie

    thank u so much it? was so helpful

  5. Herestome2

    Thank? you again soooo much for that information! It was really, very helpful! God Bless You, Dr.

  6. daylanrayne

    potato? flour too very good.

  7. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds like a good learning video for gluten free diet options.? Please subscibe to my channel for more links to this subject.

  8. sarah charging

    i found this video extreamly useful. i have only reacently become aware of a whole slew of foods i am sensitive too, one of them is gluten. i need to cut it completly out of my diet then restore my gut health and afterwards i can introduce it back into my diet. and if i? dont react i can continue to eat it. i have never thought of the hiden gluten or the fact that it can soak through my skin. thank you

  9. SurrealMax7

    buy buckwheat flour/rice flower in bulk and bake your? own bread, gluten free baking powder too.

  10. janetlee08


  11. KrystaBelle32

    Nothing like starting out a video about gluten with? a funny little story about somebody who died from licking glue(ten) from an envelope. Kinda harsh, don’t you think?

  12. deafnutritionist

    Please add closed captions on your videos for 22 millions deaf and hard of hearing people in American. It? will benefit education for them.

  13. Saesegral

    Sounds? like a bunch of work for… Wait, what?

  14. Booker2

    its not that it is bad, its just that certain people cannot digest gluten the way many? other individuals can.

  15. clnmyjts

    very good point about our? skin being a portal into our bodies system / cells, tissue ect

  16. fcm9867

    I apprecaite the info on gluten free, but i don’t need to? worry about it. I just won’t eat.

  17. SuperRawLove

    I don’t know from? your video WHY gluten is bad

  18. lowfatjellydoughnut

    Gluten isn’t bad.?
    Some people, however, are gluten intolerant which makes them incapable of digesting gluten and it actually DAMAGES their intestines.
    My husband is gluten intolerant.

  19. pduffy4

    Thanks. Would have been good to have a brief word on? why gluten is bad though.

  20. iamgabrielf

    Thanks for the information.? I especially appreciate the iphone ap.

  21. jeff35209

    Great Video. And, by the way. You’re? Hot!

  22. heightboosting

    you can be gluten intolerate without feeling any symptoms.. this is normal…. So you do not know if? you tolerate it or not, so get tested

  23. Blackstarting

    you? rock

  24. gerandomiseerd

    Why are gluten bad? Have been eating them for years and not dead.? Isn’t this only relevant for diabetics and people with allergies?

  25. Cicily Nestor

    thanks great? video

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