Gluten: What You Dont Know Might Kill You

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Could a slice of bread be the source of your health problems? Dr. Mark Hyman says yes! In this weeks UltraWellness blog, he explains how a common compound in many foods can trigger chronic disease and even raise your risk of dying—and he tells you how to eliminate it from your diet, safely and easily.

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  1. CindiLeeJM

    Getting rid of gluten has made a huge difference in my feeling of wellness. ;-)? I try to stay away as much as possible now.

  2. humanyoda

    Soaking and sprouting grains reduces antinutrients, not gluten.?

  3. humanyoda

    The word “don’t” should be spelled with an apostrophe.?

  4. kevin james

    Celiac is an inherited diseased? …. ?

  5. Viktor Jambrich

    @vhoabta your right. boring repetitive cardio exercise routines are not the best way to lose body fat. And, i can see a massive change in my abs after trying out this crazy trick. if you wanna try just try now. ? ==>

  6. StoryeTime

    If? I may, Dr. Hyman, the real reason why we are “suddenly” gluten sensitive is because people used to sprout wheat and other grains which would get rid of the gluten, unlike today with over industrialization of breads and other bagels… It’s easy, if your gluten free diet is fad, just get some sprouted versions of breads, better yet, make it yourself, soak them seends over night, do some research, and make your bread or pasta.
    I still want to thank you Dr. Hyman for your very informative videos

  7. TheGlutards

    We hate gluten too (and in general other things that try to kill us as well).?

  8. LenitodotCom

    Take off the gluten off your diet!

    Get the best recipe book for that!


  9. Chamira Wickramasinghe

    Have you seen Trim Fat Maximizer? (look for it on google) It is a quick way? to burn off fat fast.

  10. miev77

    He has books behind him,? he must be a smart guy.

  11. Yogymind


  12. kenarein93

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other normal people accomplish it so easily using Atomic Fat Loss (Look it? up on google).

  13. GudHealthGudLife

    he said avoid all gluten for a while. then try eating some gluten foods to surprise your system. if you feel bad in? anyway you know gluten is the cause

  14. eternity840

    I am on a GF? diet now, three weeks in total, first two weeks felt great, but not feeling so well now…I have hashimotos thyroiditis…but my grandmother died from complications of coealics

  15. TheProxiBox


  16. Sean Richter

    Oats can get contaminated with gluten due to the way it is processed. If you want to eat oats? get gluten-free varieties.

  17. guelsuen1987

    how can i know that i am sensitive to? gluten? Is there a test i can do?

  18. elmimi274

    great? doctor

  19. Xcorgi

    Does this sensitivity cause psoriosis as? well? Please let me know.

  20. Xcorgi

    Honesty in the? medical community. How refreshing! This guy really gets it!

  21. ahtim1900

    i dont think rice? contain gluten?

  22. marcus3379

    Link? the studies dude, so we can research.

  23. TheProxiBox

    did he say oats? thats not? true

  24. condoguy710

    This is a video that everyone should see. I am so fortunate that I found out I had celiac disease, even though it took 48 years!! Terrible anxiety, canker sores, and alopecia on my face were all symptoms. Found out I was pre-osteoperosis also. Most doctors don’t even test for it, whereas in Italy, most children are? tested at age 12.

  25. StratMatt777

    That sounds exactly like some comments I’ve made to people on youtube in the past! Like: “You have the internet at your fingertips- go do a search.” I’ve said? that on here before! Hey, good idea!

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